Institutional Allies

Together let’s drive innovation that improves patients’ lives


We invest in creating optimal conditions to develop clinical research sites, with infrastructure and state of the art technology for the benefit of patients at a zero cost for our Institutional Allies.

We create scientific synergy to boost global health innovation, within a transparency framework and with the best practices, attracting a large number of high-impact clinical trials to our institutional allies.

  • As an institutional ally, you obtain greater visibility globally on high impact clinical research.
  • We optimize the clinical research of our institutional allies to achieve successful clinical trials.
  • We facilitate equipment, tools and human resources specialized in conducting clinical research to support our institutional partners’ researchers, minimizing administrative burdens.
  • High efficiency in clinical trials with rigorous compliance in Good Clinical Practices.
  • Regulatory compliance with the most important agencies globally.
  • Active participation of researchers, medical doctors, nurses and health professionals from the institution on clinical trials.
  • Researchers have the possibility of participating as co-authors in scientific publications.
  • High-specialization of research teams and training for international regulatory compliance, all sponsored by EtCurae.
  • Volunteer patients benefit from having access to more, new and better treatments free from charge.
  • As an institutional ally, you obtain data and intelligence for strategic decision making, to optimize resources and streamline processes.
  • Participating efficiently in global clinical trials reinforces regulatory compliances, it increases attention means and patient care.
  • Through participation in clinical trials it is possible to generate resources to improve, renovate or increase attention means for patients.
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